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Download Tanggal full game via torrent on PC
Download Tanggal
Download Tanggal
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Storage: 500 MB
Memory: 2 GB
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2ghz
Category: Adventure
Version: 1.0.6 Last (Newest)
Genres: Adventure games
Publisher: Isip Games
Year: Two thousand eighteen

Tanggal screenshots:

Tanggal game screen Tanggal game screen Tanggal game screen

Download Tanggal pc torrent for free. Tanggal – creepy and frightening game that was presented to the world in the genre of horror, where you will face severe trials and fight with all your fears. You will play the role of a brave girl named Lucy, who, due to certain circumstances faced with a life-threatening situation. The fact that you went in search of her husband, and got into the mine, out of which almost is not possible. After a while you realize that you are in a real trap, because to notice something sinister, something that hides in the darkness. To survive all the dangers, you first need to go to research the surrounding area, but it can be done only with the help of light source, which you do not. So you decide to find a way out of their situation, and find special generators that need to connect properly, so they worked as accurately as possible, and then given coverage area. To get to such light sources will be very difficult because you're constantly going to deal with the locals, full of horrible creatures, able to take your life in a jiffy. The tests will be waiting for you at every step, so you will need attentiveness and focus on a situation in order to provide themselves with everything necessary for survival in harsh conditions.. On this page you can download the game Tanggal torrent free on a PC.

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