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Deadstep Download full game via torrent on PC
Download Deadstep
Download Deadstep
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Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 6 GB
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Storage: 7 GB
Graphics: GTX1050
Year: Two thousand eighteen
Genres: Action, Adventure, Indie
Publisher: Sangwoon Jin
Category: Adventure
Version: Last (Newest)

Deadstep screenshots:

Deadstep game screen Deadstep game screen Deadstep game screen

Deadstep pc torrent Download for free. Deadstep – the game is presented as a psychological horror, and all actions will occur with a first person view, allowing you to dive deeper into this bleak and frightening world. You play the role of the protagonist, who has always dreamed of a big and beautiful mansion, and behold, one day his dream comes true. Are you sending in your possession to make there future life, but not here that was, after all, formed absolutely nothing like you imagined it. The thing is that the mansion has for a long time home to an invisible Ghost, but the worst thing is that you feel him near them and hear all the sounds that it emits. Such circumstances force our hero to learn all the basics of exorcism. You should go into the study of each coal and each room of his house, in order to find useful items to reach the goal – to expel the supporter of the evil forces. You search around until you find the desired. Act quickly and carefully so the Ghost couldn't catch you at any moment, because everything will end very sad for you.. On this page you can download the game Deadstep torrent free on a PC.

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