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Ciri Trainer

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Processor: 1Ghz
Graphics: Any
Memory: 1 GB
OS: Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Storage: 1 GB
Version: Chapter 4 v0.7.5 Last (Newest)
Publisher: The Worst
Category: Adventure
Year: Two thousand eighteen
Genres: adventure games

Ciri Trainer screenshots:

Ciri Trainer game screen Ciri Trainer game screen Ciri Trainer game screen

Download Ciri Trainer pc torrent for free. Ciri Trainer – game project for adults who attribute themselves to the genre of the text roguelike, and from your actions will depend on developments. You will assume the role of the main character by the name of ed, who is a senior witch and is taken for the preparation of a brave girl. The girl's name is CRIS, and you should do everything possible to she also joined your ranks. Our trust needs to supply the maximum knowledge about alchemy, magic, and, of course, unarmed combat. You will be a real supervisor who will train CRIS, gradually watching her becoming a professional witch. If your mentee will not hear you, or will do something wrong as you do, you will be able to punish her. A feature of the heroine is that she was born with great magical gift that you need to seize and develop in every possible way. To do this, hire the best magicians, so they trained her. You will have a huge number of opportunities through which you can make of his pupil a professional in their field, conducting it through a variety of tests and punishing her like nobody ever punished.. On this page you can download the game Ciri Trainer torrent free on a PC.

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