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Allison's Diary: Rebirth

Download full game Allison's Diary: Rebirth via torrent on PC
Download Allison's Diary: Rebirth
Download Allison's Diary: Rebirth
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Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 6 GB
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Graphics: GTX 750
Category: Adventure
Year: Two thousand eighteen
Genres: Adventure, Indie, Simulator
Publisher: KR Games
Version: Last (Newest)

Allison's Diary: Rebirth screenshots:

Allison's Diary: Rebirth game screen Allison's Diary: Rebirth game screen Allison's Diary: Rebirth game screen

Download Allison's Diary: Rebirth pc torrent for free. Allison's Diary Rebirth – confused and filled with dark adventure, where all the action takes place from a first-person view and a full immersion in the eerie atmosphere. Here you will go not a very pleasant place to unravel its secrets, thus giving answers to the questions. The darkness stroked our main character, and trying to cope with her, she was forced to kill their parents. History will tell you about a little girl named Allison, who one night in 1956 killing his parents and dies in a spooky mansion. Then the game will acquaint you with the rest of the diary, which the girl kept his notes. You will assume the role of a professional reporter, who has made the decision to go to a murder scene to discover the truth of what happened, but she doesn't know what horror lay ahead of her. You go in search of the diary to read his notes and finally open the veil of dark secrets. You have to face several challenges, and creepy enemies that can destroy you in a jiffy. Try to act quickly and carefully so as not to be trapped either in the insidious clutches of the enemy. On this page you can download the game Allison's Diary: Rebirth torrent free on a PC.

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