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25 Cadre of Death

Download full game 25 Cadre of Death via torrent on PC
Download 25 Cadre of Death
Download 25 Cadre of Death
*WITHOUT torrent (DStudio)
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Storage: 5 GB
Graphics: Geforce 820m
Memory: 4 GB
Processor: Intel CORE i3
Category: Adventure
Year: Two thousand eighteen
Genres: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulator
Publisher: indie_games_studio
Version: Last (Newest)

25 Cadre of Death screenshots:

25 Cadre of Death game screen 25 Cadre of Death game screen 25 Cadre of Death game screen

Download 25 Cadre of Death pc torrent for free. 25 Cadre of Death — the project presented the game world in the camp of horror, where you will be faced with the very real struggle for life. Are you going to survive in the harsh conditions of the world, so always be ready to unexpected turns of events, most of which will be far from pleasant. History will tell you about the main character, whose role you play. His name is Caleb Reedus, who worked quite difficult working day and decided to gather my thoughts came home and directly across from a favorite TV watching the news. But a news channel on a completely unknown circumstances interrupts broadcasting, and instead the canal was in force completely incomprehensible, insane video. Our main character does not eat it any value and without any thoughts going to bed. As soon as you Wake up, you realize yourself in an old farm house, which is poisoned by an unknown poison the city. Here begins the main action, where you have to fight for the right to life, coping with many difficulties and constantly confronted with dangerous tests.. On this page you can download the game 25 Cadre of Death torrent free on a PC.

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