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Download Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation

Size to download: 670.7 Mb. Version: Full Last Release

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Memory: 32 MB
Processor: Pentium II 266 MHz
Storage: 2 Mb
Graphics: DirectX compatible 6.1
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Year: 2012
Developer: Core Design
Version: Full Last Release

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation is highlighted against the background of its predecessors improved by the standards of those years graphics. At one time, Tistle could boast dynamic lighting. The model of the main heroine was also noticeably improved. The project is also different from the past parts of the series of changing approach to locations. In the fourth part, all events unfold only in Egypt, and not in several countries, as it was before. But now it has the opportunity to return to the previously visited places. The levels themselves are nonlinear. Even the inventory has changed the form, and a compass appeared, which is useful when solving some puzzles.

In Russian localization, this product is found called "Tomb Raider: Last Revelation". According to the tradition of Lara Croft in each continuation studies a couple of new acrobatic techniques. V "Four" She learned how to scramble and sank on the poles, overcome the abyss with the help of hanging ropes, as well as move left and right, while holding hands for ledges. Awesome trips not go anywhere. Here the archaeological woman is given to ride a motorcycle and car. There are even car chase.

In the game 6 varieties of weapons. There are unchanged in arsenal "Colti", "Ultrasound" and rifle. In addition, there is a grenade launcher, crossbow and revolver. Gameplay remained before. This is a mixture of action and adventures overlooking the third party. Most of the time of the heroine solves jumping puzzles and riddles, which are built on the correct switching of levers or searching for keys. The girl also periodically fights opponents. The plot tells about how an adventure distortion accidentally provoked the offensive of the apocalypse. Young woman by negligence opened an ancient tomb, where the Egyptian god set was in conclusion. She needs to be bothering a vicinity of the deity and save the world before the time.


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