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Tokyo 42

Tokyo 42 Action Games, Adventure download torrent

Year: 2017

Genre: Action Games, Adventure

Developer: SMAC Games

Size: 502 Mb

Download Tokyo 42

Free Tokyo 42 game torrent. Gripping action Tokyo 42 brings players into a universe isometric future. You can find out what may be the capital of Japan. Supernovae, advanced technology and the inexorable progress made life as comfortable as possible, it would seem, all it satisfied the established order, but the authorities are planning a conspiracy against the people. The protagonist, a brutal killer, who learned of the impending tragedy and its aftermath. He is to single-handedly fight injustice, to prevent the inevitable, save common people from destruction.

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In love and war, all means are good, it's like no one else knows our character. He understands that without the victims not solve this problem. Constant battle with various weapons made him a fierce and uncompromising. He will have to be used instead of a shield passersby, to arrange bloody massacres and other atrocities. A feature of the project is that there are no restrictions on the selected media. It is necessary to carry out tasks, no matter what. No matter what consequences it can lead. At your disposal is a huge metropolis, which is significantly altered in the intervening years. Soon you will be able to thoroughly examine the many locations personally. Release of the project is planned in 2017. Immediately after the game will be presented, you can download via torrent Tokyo 42 free, and take part in exciting events.

System requirements:
✔ Operating system: Windows XP (SP2), 7, 8, 10
✔ Processor: 1,8 GHz
✔ Memory: 2 GB of RAM
✔ Video Card: Shader Model 2 & at least 512MB VRAM
✔ Disk Space: 2 GB

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