Shadows of Kurgansk

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Year: 2016

Genre: Action Games, Action, Simulation

Developer: Yadon Studio

Size: 179 Mb

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Free download Shadows of Kurgansk torrent. A large enough segment of the gaming universe occupied simulators survival. Due to the diverse, dynamic plot, this genre are increasingly resorting to create toys. Game Shadows of Kurgansk project created with the support of talented igrodelov Gaijin inCubator studios, most of which consists of developers. This is an incredibly exciting platformer. Development of the project was initiated by the company Yadon Studio, which is a long time not been active in this field, but made a good start, having been engaged in an unusual outlet vyzhivastika.

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With Shadows of Kurgansk you go on an exciting adventure, visit unexplored virtual world, and at the same time try to survive in a not very friendly terms. These are standard components of such projects. As for innovation, it is now struggling to survive you have to single-handedly. This is not a multi-user version, it provides for personal survival and transmission of all kinds of tests. But this does not mean that you can not pass the competition with a friend. There is an opportunity to bring it to the game, but you will not fight against each other, it is necessary to create a unified command. This condition leads to think in advance a strategy and plan of action, the first item of which it is decided - to go solo adventures or create a team of friends.

During the game, you have to demonstrate all the survival skills, and demonstrate an unprecedented skill. Sophisticated adventure not only believe your strength, but also to focus your attention. There is a search for all sorts of artifacts and parts of objects indispensable to their survival, resources, weapons and other things. It should take care of a decent arsenal to repel enemy attacks.

As for the opponents, the two types of shows:
- Desolate - in the past, it is ordinary people, which occurred mutation, and now they are deprived of reason, and are willing to destroy anyone who dare to violate their territory.
- Military - nobody needs extra witnesses and curious adventurers. You will open a real hunt.

Prepare to be that everyone will have a reason to remove you from the road. Will survive only if you are able to fend off enemies and try to achieve good results. To do this, it provided a lot of opportunities, including access to powerful weapons, to create, with the help of various resources. You will be pleasantly surprised by the choice of space.

With regard to the goal, then it is simple and clear - to find out what caused the aggressive behavior devastated. Who benefits from these manifestations, and what purpose they serve unknown. And most importantly - how to stop the impending disaster that could forever change life on the planet. If you are not afraid and ready to start the fight, just download Shadows of Kurgansk torrent free.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Quad Core Processor
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
Disk space: 800 MB

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