Quantum Break

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Year: 2016

Genre: Action Games, Shooters

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Size: 29.39 Gb

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Free download Quantum Break torrent. Due Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft Studios fruitful collaboration turned out incredibly interesting game for all gamers, which has become a real masterpiece, which will be presented at the beginning of the sixteenth, two thousand years. However, as if this game is incredible, it's up to the players, as long as it can be described only as a shooter called Quantum Break. that is, this toy, try to understand together.

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The distinctive features of the game:
- The story is about how you can get incredible power, in most cases, classical - "something went wrong" at the time of one of the new experiments. This also applies to the story, in which we will focus on the three heroes named Beth, Paul and Jack. They are scientists, who during one of his experiments obtained over ability.
- Their leadership is in disarray. Guide Northeastern University, where everything happened, comes to the conclusion that the characters, according to the experimental plan, did not have to possess any special abilities. As a result, they decide to liquidate, but also with great sophistication, using all the available designs.
- For the full program! In order to survive in this game, the player will take maximum advantage of all its capabilities. On the characters of the game began very serious hunting, so it is necessary to counteract using to the maximum all your strength.
- What exactly have they got? Paul now has the ability to see future events, so even with a few different developments; but Beto and - Jack is not so interesting skill, but very necessary - it is an opportunity to stop the passage of time.
- The plot of the game has not only hunting. After unsuccessful experiment was conducted, there was a time of division and this process must be restored. Jack Joyce just need to save all around and correct, however, will have to confront Paul - most recently a former friend to him. With all this, the back of Paul closes pretty impressive company Monarch Solutions.
- The game time - it's a weapon. And they need to use all possible ways. The ability to stop time is simply irreplaceable, because when you attack enemies, they can be frozen to come close and easy to neutralize.
- But the characters have been received not only an incredible opportunity, great difficulties sometimes gives temporary collapse. Yes, all this is happening every time, quite unexpectedly, so in total chaos must learn not to be lost, because then death can not be avoided.
- Try to create a scenario of his own game! When changes occur in the course of the game, and the result is a change in the story line, which can change the gamer, thus creating a movie of its own production.
- The good news will be a message to those who have the Xbox One, as the game will be created on this platform. One does not need to be upset PC users, because for them, it is likely to release a version - of this possibility saying the creator of the company's Remedy, Sem Leyk itself. However, the exact timing of it is not marked.

Xbox One is one of the most anticipated projects, and will appear in the version for the PC. We look forward to the games that have the ability to download via torrent Break Quantum on your computer.

Features repack:
"Do not cut / recoded [1080p video]
»Game archives are not touched
"Game Version
"Installation time ~ 8-10 minutes
»RePack by SEYTER

Install and run:
"Activator (for its operation must be installed C ++ Redist 2015) started immediately after the installation is complete, if there is no red text - activated successfully.
"Create Left / new account here - http://www.xbox.com/ru-ru, then go to the XBOX (it is a standard, if it is not - download from the Windows Store) application under your account.
"If after that the game says that it can not sign in "Xbox", Go to your profile in Windows and switch it to the mode "local profile".
"Start the game from the Start menu

System requirements:
OS: Only 64-bit Windows 10 (1511) (!);
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 (3,2 / 3,4 GHz) or AMD FX-6300 (3.5 / 4.1 GHz);
RAM: 8 GB;
video card: GeForce GTX 760 or Radeon R7 260X;
Video Memory: 2 GB;
DirectX version: 12;
free space on hard disk: 70 GB.

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