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Eternal Winter

Eternal Winter Action, Adventure, FPS download torrent

Year: 2014

Genre: Action, Adventure, the FPS

Developer: Developers Pack

Size: 225 Mb

Download Eternal Winter

Download game Eternal Winter for free. Game Eternal Winter was created by one person, it is so high-quality, exciting and colorful that it is hard to believe. For the past few years on it being a regular revision, perfected every detail, to the most comfortable gameplay. Gamers should check yourself for strength, going on a journey through the vast expanses of snow and permafrost. In these uninhabited lands to survive is not easy. At the disposal of your hero will team consisting of four dogs. If you decide to download Eternal Winter, just use our online portal menu. The only chance to save your four-legged wards will therefore pay heed to their content. Make sure that they are not loose, do not forget to feed them, because hunger can lead to the loss of one or all of the dogs. On the white expanse try to find a home where you can spend the night and get all sorts of supplies.

Eternal Winter download torrent Action, Adventure, the FPS 2014 Eternal Winter torrent game full Action, Adventure, FPS free Eternal Winter torrent Eternal Winter Action, Adventure, FPS download torrent

Do not forget about the physical performance of the hero, it can kill the thirst, hunger and cold, thus keeping you can, only as long as there are at least some signs of life. If he dies, the game will need to start from scratch. This led to the need to move only in the afternoon, because you may be attacked hungry predators at night. Try to get hold of firearms and bladed weapons for hunting and self-defense. Survival Tactics is completely dependent on the change of the time of day.

System requirements:
OS: Windows Vista
Processor: Core 2 Duo
Video card: Intel 4xxx Series w / 512MB VRAM
Disk space: 1 GB

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