Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Action Games, RPG 2016 Deus Ex Mankind Divided torrent game full

Year: 2016

Genre: Action Games, RPG

Developer: Eidos Montreal

Size: 23.8 Gb

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Free download Deus Ex Mankind Divided torrent. The famous studio Ion Storm Inc has long announced the release of a new part of a dynamic shooter-project in the first person, drawn up in the steampunk style. Deus Ex virtual world full of mysteries and secrets, and his fans are eagerly waiting for what will follow the first part, prehistory, Human Revolution. Maxim will face new challenges, you need to save not only their lives, but all mankind. Presented the game has become the most anticipated releases of 2016, download Deus Ex Mankind Divided torrent, you can now, for free using our website menu.

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The plot of the project:
In 2029, Adam Jensen had witnessed a terrorist attack, plunged into the horror world. By coincidence, he was able to not only survive, but also to learn about the global conspiracy. After the bloody events, wherever there is a man, for it is closely watched agents of the secret society. Besides baiting Jensen, the Illuminati and pursue a more ambitious target that could change the world beyond recognition. In their filing initiated a terrible experiment. People exposed to the signal, who introduced most of the subjects in a stupor. In just a few minutes to many there were irreversible consequences. The changes resulted in a separation of people around the world.

Advantages and features of the gameplay:
- If you are already familiar with from Human Revolution Deus Ex, you will certainly want to download Ex Mankind Divided torrent free, using our portal menu. This project is the second part of the story.
- For fans of Deus Ex pleasant surprise was the preservation of the general atmosphere of steampunk, firm style. There is closely combine innovation and dark, deep underground.
- Styling steampunk became the basis for registration. Shooter has RPG elements.
- You will pass all the way Adam Jensen, after learning its history, from the first person.
- There is an age limit. Pass the levels is not recommended to persons under eighteen years of age.
- The main gaming platforms - PC, X box One, PS 4.
- Respecting the rights of the expansion locations. Adam will visit almost all parts of the world, but do not expect that travel will be a cakewalk. Everywhere will face difficulties and engage in a fierce battle.
- You need to find common ground with all social groups, among which there are the usual and well-reasoned people, and representatives of the secret society - the Illuminati. Your ally is only a detachment of special purpose Task Force 29. The problem is that people and you can not trust a hundred percent, because there are suspicions that his activities are financed leftist state organizations pursuing their goals. Thus, it is not just an action movie with endless gunfire and hard twisted thriller, with elements of a psychological drama.
- Artificial intelligence is displayed on a new level. It not only improved, but also made realistic. You can not easily cope with a single enemy, or to surprise him, because at the slightest suspicion of danger to be called in reinforcements.
- Besides the main missions available a large number of all kinds of quests, which are hidden clues major issues of the game.
- There are several versions of combat - the open method, with the actions ahead, or the use of tactics and strategic skills.
- Significantly increased arsenal and combat effectiveness. If a character gets a classic blade, then they can be used not only for close combat, but also to throw them at the target from a distance.
- Will please fans of action-packed games and the lack of a linear story. Now everything depends on the acts committed. You are the masters of their destiny.
- Maximum quality refined physics and mechanics of combat contact firing.
- The number of interactive objects, in this action-hero directly affect the surrounding reality.
- You will not see many of the characters from the prequel, but they are replaced by new heroes, with their history. This innovation, like a breath of fresh air will make the game richer and more exciting.

Features repack:
• Do not cut and not recoded
• Game archives are not touched
• Independent combination of text and voice (in the game settings)
• Game Version: 1.11.616.0

In this hacked build, does not work in SLI DirectX 12!

Add-ons (DLC):
- Assault Pack
- Tactical Pack
- Augmented Covert Agent Consumables Pack
- Classic Gear
- Enforcer Gear
- Intruder Gear
- Extras Content (Soundtrack and Artbook)
- Jensen Story: Desperate Measures
- System Rift

System requirements:
✔ Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 - only for 64-bit!
✔ Processor: Intel Core i3-2100
✔ RAM 8 GB of RAM
✔ Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2GB) / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2GB)
✔ Disk space: 45 GB

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