Battlefield 1

Battlefield 2016 1 Action Games, Shooter download free

Year: 2016

Genre: Action Games, Shooters

Developer: EA DICE

Size: 22.18 Gb

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Download game Battlefield 1 for free. In the Battlefield franchise has presented about a dozen computer projects, and again it all starts with the first ... 1 Battlefield - a game that introductory trailer for which was shown at the beginning of May. Fans of this series of games has awakened an incredible interest in the project, and an important role was played by Seven Nation Army soundtrack that recorded the band The White Stripes. A detailed acquaintance with the project will allow players to enjoy the airships, tanks and planes, and all models are presented from those who first created by developers. You will meet the cavalry, armed with naked sword. Frankly speaking, this theme is not very popular, and meet her on the slot expanses can be rare. However, there are projects that deal with the events of World War I, in the action genre, and that they can enjoy these stories. This topic has been laid already in the title game.

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When the release of the game?
Known pre-release date of the project, on 21 October. Those who dare to make a pre-order will be rewarded with virtual trench clubs, as well as a large arsenal of weapons at the time, and will be able to experience the project a few days before other users. Very soon torrent download Battlefield 1 free will, all users of our website. Computer game will be available for three modern platforms. Regarding the conditions, then the project will delight multiplayer mode, in which as many as 64 players will be able to operate simultaneously. project designer performs Danny Berlin, and, in his opinion, during the network mode special attention should be paid to team work, and the only way players can succeed. Given the number of troops who took part in the fighting of the First World War, the user will have to balance by choosing different methods.

The graphics of the computer game:
Special attention in this computer game deserves a graphic component. All possible destruction presented realistically, and very interesting. The developers used in the project possibilities Frosbite engine by its 3.5 version. When filming the trailer, it is this engine, the authors used in their work. This suggests that the result of all the works will be impressive. People are waiting for an open space, which will be available to enjoy at any time. The plot of the game project will be developed in different places, countries, continents. You will find yourself in the Arabian Peninsula, visit the Alps. Creator who made EA DICE, present their version of the events of that time, with an emphasis on real-world data and information. In the role of the main characters will perform several characters. Users will be able to see and take part in the conflict that erupted between soldiers and residents of different countries.

Features Battlefield January 2016 the first year:
- Users go to the era of the First World War, which is rare today for the gaming industry. All actions will have real character. Characters will perform the soldiers, representatives from several countries.
- Setting the game is presented in the form of beautiful fields, and even the bloody events they could not spoil the experience. The main character will visit - the Alps, Arabia, and will be able to visit other countries.
- To move the characters can choose their any option - walk or ride a horse, drive a motorcycle or an armored truck. Also available heavy equipment, tanks and aircraft, airships and crafts, and much more.
- Multiplayer mode is provided for 64 players. The main principle of action in it - work for the team.
- Elaborate system of battle, and this applies to both near and distant battles. Players will need to fight for the different tools and objects to produce a shovel, and more.
- Gamers will be able to customize weapons, which were not able to take advantage of the previous games of the franchise. Arsenal topped with pistols and rifles, flamethrowers and semiautomatic.
- If you are interested in this game product is left to do is not much - to wait for, and immediately download Battlefield 1 torrent free. It will be available on the open spaces of our website very soon, October 21, 2016.

Features repack:
It is based on Origin-Rip by Fisher
Game archives are not opened
W version v1.0 Update
Installation time 25 minutes on HDD (depending on your computer)

EXAMPLE presence of dissolved additions:
Premium for pre-order: access to Giant's Shadow for the Battlefield 1 for 7 days prior to release;
Premium for pre-order: a set of "Hell's fighters"; "Set" Red Baron ";
A set of "Lourens Araviysky"; "Appearance to the art 3; "5 sets of combat;

P | S to change the language .otkroyte in the game folder CPY.ini in line Language = Put ​​the language which you need

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i3-6300T 3.3GHz / AMD FX-4350
Free space on HDD: 40 GB
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7850

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