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ARK Survival Evolved

Action, FPS 2015 ARK Survival Evolved torrent game full

Year: 2015

Genre: Action, FPS

Developer: Studio Wildcard

Size: 12.8 Gb

Download ARK Survival Evolved

Download ARK Survival Evolved torrent pc for free. If you share the opinion igrodelov Wildcard studio about the benefits of the dinosaurs to mankind, the toy ARK Survival Evolved created just for you. Imagine that the ancient dinosaurs are not extinct, and people can use them for their own purposes, such as agricultural work or warfare. Already from the beginning of June platformer it is in the early access.

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Intriguing plot. Imagine that you are strange, unknown to you, the were on the mysterious island. All around, men and women are naked. The island has its own name - ARK, which translates sounds like a shelter or the ark. That's just the game world ARK Survival Evolved is not a paradise earth. Death can here await the hero at every turn, not to die of hunger and do not become a prey of the predator, you need to take care of food, hunt, conduct research areas, and to build a lot of crafting, and best of all - to tame dinosaurs.

Think of such popular films as "The Lost World," "Jurassic Park" and "Dinotopia", as well as many science fiction books, where prehistoric creatures actively helped people. That this is the main intrigue ARK Survival Evolved. There is a sixty dinosaurs, both real and fictional. Each creature you will be able to experience in practice - flying on pterodactyl, Tyrannosaurus running on or a leisurely stroll to the brontosaurus. Tamed lizards can be used for any purpose. Giants excellent job with combat missions and serve as different techniques.

The question arises - if the dinosaurs friends, then who the enemy? Do not forget about the danger posed by nature, the element can cause fatal damage. And yet, you are on the island are not alone, the natives do not like strangers and are aggressive competitors in the fight for survival. You have to go through a lot of battles - on land, in the air, waterways, all this became possible thanks to the abundance of a variety of dinosaurs. Also at your disposal a sufficient number of weapons - simple spears and bows, automatic crossbows, rifles and even machine guns. With such an arsenal is worth considering whether you really were in prehistoric times? This mystery you can solve only in one case, if you decide to download ARK Survival Evolved through the torrent of our website

Instructions on how to run the multiplayer:
If you already have an account which steam is not a pity (if its block), the first item will be skipped.
1. Create a new Steam account.
Go and set «spacewar game». Hit: WIN + R and a write line: steam: // install / 480
After that, the game should appear in your library.
2. If Steam is running, close it and go to the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \
There perelinovyvaem file \ appcache \ packageinfo.vdf in packageinfo.vdf.backup (or just copy it to a separate folder to recover after).
After that enter into the Steam, the program to generate a new file packageinfo.vdf
3. Again, out of the Steam and run AppID_Patch.exe from the folder with the game.
4. Push the button "Browse"And then specify the path to the file steam \ appcache \ packageinfo.vdf AppID and set the value to 346110 and then press "Patch".
5. Start the game file ARKLauncher.exe, at the bottom click browse and select the folder in which you installed the game. (For example: f: -Games-ARK Survival Evolved) Start Client - starts the game.
6. From the main menu, select Join = gt; Filter - Informal. We went to an available server.
7. If an error occurs the yoke does not start, repeat the 3-4 point. If that fails, then add any free game my new Steam account.
8. Important! After the game in front of the main-old account Steam, restore packageinfo.vdf.
Attention! Even if you do everything according to instructions, guarantee that the game will work there! It is constantly updated and closed loopholes for breaking version.

If the game does not start in Russian:
Set launch options on the game shortcut "-culture = ru" (Without the quotation marks), and run the game.
If does not help, use only Windows Russian localization by default!

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8 - only for 64-bit!
Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
Hard disk space: 20 GB
Sound device: compatible with DirectX
Video card: DirectX11 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM

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